3 attractions not to miss in Antakya

Antakya is the cradle of ancient civilization, but it is often left out of people’s tours when visiting Turkey. This is because they don’t know about the city’s rich history and its connection to early Christianity. The St Peter’s church and the Antakya Archaeological Musuem give tourists a lot to explore. The city’s old name is Antioch. Food lovers will be impressed with its famous desert. Here I show you three reasons why you should include Antakya on your tour around Turkey.

  1. Impressive history
    Filled with the second biggest mosaic collection in the world, the Antakya Archaeological Museum is well worth a visit. Coin lovers will also find an impressive coin collection.
  2. Explore the roots of Christianity and St Peter
    For those interested in exploring the early roots of Christianity, you can visit the rock-carved Church of St Peter. The site is filled with refuges and tunnels. Since 1983, it has been a Christian pilgrimage. There are also tombs cut into the rock face at various places along the Orontes valley.
  3. Delicious Food – Afiyet olsun!
    Antakya is known for its delicous food. But if you are looking for something special, it is home to the best künefe in Turkey. For those who don’t know what künefe is, it is a delicious syrup soaked, sweet cheese pastry. What makes Antakya’s künefe stand out is the daily made fresh, cheese that is only made in Hatay region. The kadayıf (shredded dough) is also made from scratch at small künefe shopps in Antakya.

Have you been to Antakya? Tell me what you think in the comments. Are there any other places you would recommend?

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