Antioch Tour: Turkey Still Matters

Despite recent problems, Turkey’s allure is not lost. In fact, the country is still the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. In 2015, Turkey hosted 37.4 million tourists – that’s almost 40 million people. It is at least as safe as other major European countries such as France, Spain, Germany or the U.K.

Though Istanbul in particular has seen a drop in foreign visitors, the tourism sector is still relatively healthy in other regions of the country like Antioch and Antalya. These areas remain popular for the more academic types and those interested in the history and culture of the country.


An Antioch summer day at Koz Kalesi.


That’s why I’m announcing a new 10-day tour taking you from Ancient Rome to the Ottoman Empire starting this autumn. We’ll take you to cities like Bodrum and Antalya on a traditional Turkish boat – a gulet. From there we’ll explore 5 days in Antakya, also known as the ancient city of Antioch which is interesting for its history of religion and Roman freedmen.

The tour won’t just include Turkey, but also Greece. Not only do they have such a rich history that crosses over with Greece, but we will also stop over at the nearby Greek Islands. From Kos to Symi and Leros – we may even add another island or two depending on time and interest. It therefore seems like no better time than to expand my tours to the breathtaking beautiful south of the country. More details to come!

Hoşgeldiniz! Görüşürüz!

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