Antioch and the Apistos: Underwater History

Our dates for my latest tour are out now! The crystal clear waters and our large ‘glass bottom’ viewing wells allow you to dive the wrecks – without getting wet. During our cruise you will experience the magnificent preserved shipwrecks and the scenic shoreline.


A model reconstituting a Roman boat of coastal traffic (Source: Wikipedia)

Learn the exciting tales of many famous ships and the history, legends and lore of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.


The Hatay Archaeology Museum in Antioch, Turkey is filled with 40,000 artifacts. This famous mosaic is one of the many pieces you’ll see on my Antioch tour.

From the legendary shipwreck of Cif Amotan II in the imperial Roman period to the Ottomans of 1880s, you’ll be impressed by all this tour has to offer. We’ll cover the birth of ancient civilization from both land and sea. Sign up now!

Oct 19-29

Nov 10-20

Dec 5-15

*1000 euros including accommodation, but not food per person!

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