I’m Murat Guzelgun, a professional private guide. Welcome to my travel blog.

I was born in Izmir in 1981, and lived in different parts of Turkey for short times in my childhood. I have been back in Antakya and Antalya since 1990.

I have worked in the travel industry at hotels in Turkey’s most beautiful Antalya resorts during summer vacations. It was there that I met many people from different cultures, and that I took great pleasure in learning about them as well as telling them about my own.

After I graduated from Koç University in Istanbul with a degree in History, I followed my passion, attended the courses of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and became a licensed tour guide in 2007.

Being an English-speaking guide I have guided many people from many different countries, who had different professions, and different interests.

Even though I guide all over Turkey, I pride myself on being an Antakya specialist. This is not limited to historical sites. I’m also acquainted with its different religions and their holy places, markets and the best restaurants.

As a guide, I give my visitors the best experience by using my know-how to set a tailored course and pace for each tour. One of my specialties is my three day tour of Istanbul and a three day tour of Antakya where we explore the different religious influences of the city.

Please feel free to contact at MuratGuzelgun81@gmx.com for any kind of information and/or organization you need in Turkey. I offer everything from a simple walking tour of the major tourist sites just for one person or a big event. Please note for tours with hundreds of people, I work with a travel agency.


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