Why the history of the Aegean to Antioch?


An October morning in the Aegean Sea.

The idea for my upcoming tour first came to me six months ago when half a dozen European and American academics based in Athens and elsewhere around Europe attended the November 15 G20 summit in Antalya. They wanted a tour exploring the maritime history of the region (that didn’t involve getting wet or having to put a wetsuit). So now with my partnership with Aegean Gulets, this is a reality.

The Aegean Sea is filled with some impressive history as is the south east of Turkey. The tour will begin with the latest discovery of 23 sunken ships in the remote Aegean and move from West to East. One of my favorite parts of the tour includes the Fourni archipelago where they have had some amazing discoveries over the past year.

The earliest shipwreck dates to roughly 525 B.C., while the most recent is from the early 1800s. The other wrecks range across the centuries, with cargoes from the Classical period (480-323 B.C.), the Hellenistic period (323-31 B.C.), the Late Roman period (300-600 A.D.), and the Medieval period (500-1500 A.D.).


Experience history and culture on the Aegean in a wooden Turkish gulet boat.

The area is also the birthplace of the legend of Cif Amotan II and the undiscovered wreckage of the Apistos. I’ve been fascinated with the Legend of Amotan ever since I started my plans for a tour specializing in the shipwrecks of the Aegean Sea. The tour will begin in Bodrum’s Underwater Archaeology Museum and take you on a Turkish gulet around the Aegean up to Fourni and explore those islands.

Back on land we will explore Antioch, which is filled with hidden treasures of history and the birthplace of Cif Amotan. We will visit areas that may have been home to Amotan during his life as a slave. After gaining his freedom (manumission) Amotan became so rich that he was able to gather a treasure trove so rich and impressive, even the most rich Ottoman kings would have been jealous. His great wealth was lost in the wreckage of his boat which may well be lying undiscovered in the Aegean!
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Antioch and the Apistos: Underwater History

Our dates for my latest tour are out now! The crystal clear waters and our large ‘glass bottom’ viewing wells allow you to dive the wrecks – without getting wet. During our cruise you will experience the magnificent preserved shipwrecks and the scenic shoreline.


A model reconstituting a Roman boat of coastal traffic (Source: Wikipedia)

Learn the exciting tales of many famous ships and the history, legends and lore of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.


The Hatay Archaeology Museum in Antioch, Turkey is filled with 40,000 artifacts. This famous mosaic is one of the many pieces you’ll see on my Antioch tour.

From the legendary shipwreck of Cif Amotan II in the imperial Roman period to the Ottomans of 1880s, you’ll be impressed by all this tour has to offer. We’ll cover the birth of ancient civilization from both land and sea. Sign up now!

Oct 19-29

Nov 10-20

Dec 5-15

*1000 euros including accommodation, but not food per person!

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